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arithmetische mittlere Linie des Profils arithmetical mean line of the profile
arithmetische mittlere Profilneigung arithmetical mean slope of the profile
arithmetische Operation {f} arithmetic operation
arithmetische Prüfung {f} arithmetic check
arithmetische Reihe {f} arithmetic progression
arithmetische Reihe {f} arithmetic series
arithmetischer arithmetically
arithmetischer Befehl arithmetical instruction
arithmetischer Block arithmetic block
arithmetischer Elementarausdruck arithmetic element
arithmetischer Mittelwert {m} arithmetic average
arithmetischer Mittelwert {m} arithmetic mean (value)
arithmetischer Mittenrauhwert {m} arithmetical mean deviation of the profile
arithmetischer Mittenrauhwert {m} arithmetical mean deviation
arithmetischer Operator arithmetic operator
arithmetischer Überlauf arithmetic overflow
arithmetisches Mittel arithmetic mean
arithmetisches Unterprogramm arithmetic subroutine
Arkade {f} ambulatory
Arkaden {pl} ambulatories
Arktis {f} Arctic Zone
Arktis {f} Arctic
arktisch arctic
Arkus {m} arcus
arm poor
arm beggarly
arm indigent
arm indigently
arm needy
arm poorly
arm gemacht pauperized
arm machen to impoverish
arm machen to pauperize
arm machend pauperizing
arm machend impoverishing
arm wie eine Kirchenmaus poor as a church mouse
Arm {m} arm
Arm {m} (Leuchter) branch (candlestick)
Arm(aturen)stern (Läufer) {m} rotor hub spider (rotor)
Armada {m} armada
Armadas {pl} armadas
Armatur (f. Kabel u. Schläuche) {f} armoring (f. cables a. hoses)
Armatur (Instrument) {f} instrument
Armatur {f} armature
Armatur {f} fittings
Armatur {f} fitting (Br.)
Armaturen {pl} fittings
Armaturen {pl} auxiliary equipment
Armaturenblatt {n} valve data sheet
Armaturenbrett {n} car dashboard
Armaturenbrett {n} dashboard
Armaturenbrett {n} instrument panel
Armaturenbretter {pl} dashboards
Armaturenbrettuhr {f} dashboard clock
Armaturenbrettuhr {f} fascia clock (Br.)
Armaturenbrettuhr {f} dash clock (Am.) (coll.)
Armatureneinsatz {m} valve cover assembly
Armaturenschlüssel {m} fitting wrench
Armaturenschlüssel {m} fitting spanner (Br.)
Armaturentafel {f} instrument panel
Armaturenzange {f} fitting pliers
Armausschnitt {m} armhole
Armband mit Anhängern {m} charm bracelet
Armband {n} bracelet
Armband {n} wristband
Armband {n} wristlet
Armband {n} watchstrap
Armband {n} strap
Armbanduhr {f} wristwatch
Armbanduhr {f} wrist watch
Armbinde {f} armlet
Armbruch {m} fracture of the arm
Armbrust {f} arbalest
Armbrust {f} crossbow
Armbrüste {pl} crossbows
Armbänder {pl} bracelets
Armbänder {pl} wristbands
arme Sau {f} (fig.) poor fucker
Arme {f} poor woman
Arme {m} poor man
Arme {pl} arms
Armee {f} army
Armeen {pl} armies
Armeepistole {f} army pistol
Armen {pl} the poor
Armenhaus {m} poorhouse
Armenien Armenia (am)
Armenier {m} Armenian
Armenierin {f} Armenian
armenisch Armenian
Armenspital {n} poor-law infirmary
Armenunterstützung {f} pauper relief
Armer poor man
Armer Kerl! Poor old chap!
armer Tropf {m} poor devil
armes Schwein {n} (fig.) poor fucker
armes Wesen wretch
armes/dummes Luder poor/stupid creature
Armesünderstuhl {m} (hist.) cutty stool (esp. Scot.)
Armiereisen {n} reinforcing bar
Armierung {f} amoring (Am.)
Armierung {f} amouring (Br.)
Armlehne {f} armrest
Armlehne {f} arm
Armleuchter {m} (mehrarmiger Leuchter) candelabrum
Armleuchter {m} (mehrarmiger Leuchter) candelabra
Armleuchter {m} (mehrarmiger Leuchter) branched candlestick
Armleuchter {m} (mehrarmiger Leuchter) chandelier
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Arschloch) (silly) ass
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Arschloch) twat (Br.) (vulg.)
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Idiot) idiot
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Idiot, Trottel) berk (Br.) (coll.)
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Idiot, Trottel) burk (Br.) (coll.)
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Idiot, Trottel) dope (sl.)
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Idiot, Trottel) twit (Br.) (coll.)
Armleuchter {m} (ugs., euphem.) (Trottel) jerk (esp. Am.) (sl.)
Armloch {n} armhole
Armreif {m} bangle
Armschiene {f} bracers
Armschlinge {f} sling
Armschutz {m} bracer
armselig poor
armselig paltrily
armselig scrubby
armselig squalid
armselig squalidly
armselig {adj} bald
armselige Wohnung {f} hovel
armseliger scrubbier
armseliger Feigling {m} wretched coward
armseligere poorer
Armseligkeit {f} beggarliness
Armseligkeit {f} paltriness
Armseligkeit {f} poorness
armseligste scrubbiest
Armspange {f} bangle
Armut ist in London sehr verbreitet London has large chunks of poverty (Br.)
Armut {f} poverty
Armut {f} destitution
Armut {f} impecuniousness
Armut {f} pennilessness
Armut {f} poorness
Armut {m} indigence
Armutsbekämpfung {f} poverty reduction
Armutsbekämpfung {f} fight against poverty
Armutsreduzierung {f} poverty reduction
Armutsrisiko {n} poverty risk
Armutszeugnis {n} evidence of incapacity
Aroma {n} flavor (Am.)
Aroma {n} aroma
Aroma {n} flavour (Br.)
Aromastoff {m} flavouring
Aromatherapie {f}, Dufttherapie {f} aromatherapy
aromatisch aromatic
aromatischer Geschmackstoff flavor (Am.)
aromatischer Geschmackstoff flavour (Br.)
aromatischere more aromatic
aromatisches aromatically
aromatischste most aromatic
Aromaöl {n} aromatic oil
Aromen {pl} flavours (Br.)
Aromen {pl} flavor (Am.)
Aronssche Röhre {f} (Martin Leo Arons, 1892) mercury-vapor lamp
arrangieren to posture
arrangieren to marshal
arrangieren to arrange
arrangieren to contrive
arrangierend arranging
arrangiert arranges
arrangiert arranged
arrangierte marshaled
Array {n} array
Arrest {m} detention
Arrestbeschluss {m} attachment order
Arretierbolzen {m} locating pin
arretieren lock
arretieren stop
arretieren to fix
arretierend arresting
Arretiernocken {m} locking key
Arretiernute {f} locking keyway
arretierte arrested
Arretierung {f} catch
Arretierung {f} adjustment
Arretiervorrichtung {f} locking mechanism
Arrivist {m} aimer
arrogantere more arrogant
arroganteste most arrogant
Arroganz {f} arrogancy
Arsch {m} backside
Arsch {m} rump
Arsch {m} bum
Arsch {m} buttocks
Arsch {m} (vulg.) arse (Br., Aus.) (vulg.)
Arsch {m} (vulg.) ass (esp. Am.) (vulg.)
Arsch {m} der Welt arse-end of the world (Br.)
Arsch-und-Titten-Presse {f} (sl.) tit-and-ass press (Am.) (sl.)
Arsch-und-Titten-Presse {f} (sl.) tit-and-bum press (Br.) (sl.)
Arschbacke {f} bun
Arschbacke {f} (vulg.) ass cheek

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