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Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.) antidepressant agent
Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.) antidepressant drug
Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.) antidepressive drug
Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.) antidepressive agent
Antidiabetika {pl} (pharm.) antidiabetics
Antidiabetika {pl} (pharm.) antidiabetic agents
Antidiabetika {pl} (pharm.) antidiabetic drugs
Antidiabetikum {n} (pharm.) antidiabetic
Antidiabetikum {n} (pharm.) antidiabetic agent
Antidiabetikum {n} (pharm.) antidiabetic drug
Antidiarrhoika {pl} (pharm.) antidiarrhoeals
Antidiarrhoika {pl} (pharm.) antidiarrhoeal agents
Antidiarrhoika {pl} (pharm.) antidiarrhoeal drugs
Antidiarrhoikum {n} (pharm.) antidiarrhoeal
Antidiarrhoikum {n} (pharm.) antidiarrhoeal agent
Antidiarrhoikum {n} (pharm.) antidiarrhoeal drug
Antidiuretika {pl} (pharm.) antidiuretics
Antidiuretika {pl} (pharm.) antidiuretic agents
Antidiuretika {pl} (pharm.) antidiuretic drugs
Antidiuretikum {n} (pharm.) antidiuretic
Antidiuretikum {n} (pharm.) antidiuretic agent
Antidiuretikum {n} (pharm.) antidiuretic drug
Antidröhnblech {n} noise suppression plate
Antidröhnmittel {n} sound-absorptive compound
Antiemetika {pl} (pharm.) antiemetics
Antiemetika {pl} (pharm.) antiemetic agents
Antiemetika {pl} (pharm.) antiemetic drugs
Antiemetikum {n} (pharm.) antiemetic
Antiemetikum {n} (pharm.) antiemetic agent
Antiemetikum {n} (pharm.) antiemetic drug
Antiepileptika {pl} (pharm.) antiepileptics
Antiepileptika {pl} (pharm.) antiepileptic agents
Antiepileptika {pl} (pharm.) antiepileptic drugs
Antiepileptikum {n} (pharm.) antiepileptic
Antiepileptikum {n} (pharm.) antiepileptic agent
Antiepileptikum {n} (pharm.) antiepileptic drug
Antifibrinolytika {pl} (pharm.) antifibrinolytics
Antifibrinolytika {pl} (pharm.) antifibrinolytic agents
Antifibrinolytika {pl} (pharm.) antifibrinolytic drugs
Antifibrinolytikum {n} (pharm.) antifibrinolytic
Antifibrinolytikum {n} (pharm.) antifibrinolytic agent
Antifibrinolytikum {n} (pharm.) antifibrinolytic drug
Antigua und Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda (ag)
Antiguaner {m} man of Antigua and Barbuda
Antiguanerin {f} woman of Antigua and Barbuda
antiguanisch of Antigua and Barbuda
Antiheld {m} antihero
Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.) antihistaminics
Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.) antihistaminic agents
Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.) antihistaminic drugs
Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.) antihistamines
Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.) antihistaminic
Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.) antihistaminic agent
Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.) antihistaminic drug
Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.) antihistamine
Antihyperkinetika {pl} (pharm.) antihyperkinetics
Antihyperkinetika {pl} (pharm.) antihyperkinetic agents
Antihyperkinetika {pl} (pharm.) antihyperkinetic drugs
Antihyperkinetikum {n} (pharm.) antihyperkinetic
Antihyperkinetikum {n} (pharm.) antihyperkinetic agent
Antihyperkinetikum {n} (pharm.) antihyperkinetic drug
Antihypertensiva {pl} (pharm.) antihypertensives
Antihypertensiva {pl} (pharm.) antihypertensive agents
Antihypertensiva {pl} (pharm.) antihypertensive drugs
Antihypertensivum {n} (pharm.) antihypertensive
Antihypertensivum {n} (pharm.) antihypertensive agent
Antihypertensivum {n} (pharm.) antihypertensive drug
Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypertonics (rare)
Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypertonic agents (rare)
Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypertonic drugs (rare)
Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypertensives
Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypertensive agents
Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypertensive drugs
Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypertonic (rare)
Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypertonic agent (rare)
Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypertonic drug (rare)
Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypertensive
Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypertensive agent
Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypertensive drug
Antihypotensiva {pl} (pharm.) antihypotensives
Antihypotensiva {pl} (pharm.) antihypotensive agents
Antihypotensiva {pl} (pharm.) antihypotensive drugs
Antihypotensivum {n} (pharm.) antihypotensive
Antihypotensivum {n} (pharm.) antihypotensive agent
Antihypotensivum {n} (pharm.) antihypotensive drug
Antihypotonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypotonics
Antihypotonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypotonic agents
Antihypotonika {pl} (pharm.) antihypotonic drugs
Antihypotonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypotonic
Antihypotonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypotonic agent
Antihypotonikum {n} (pharm.) antihypotonic drug
antik antique
antik antiquely
antike Klassik {f} Classical Antiquity
antiklimaktisch anticlimactic
antiklimaktische anticlimactically
Antiklimax {f} anticlimax
Antikoagulans {n} (pharm.) anticoagulant
Antikoagulantia {pl} (pharm.) anticoagulants
Antikoagulanzien {pl} (pharm.) anticoagulants
Antikondensationsbeutel {m} desiccant bag
Antikonvulsiva {pl} (pharm.) anticonvulsives
Antikonvulsiva {pl} (pharm.) anticonvulsive agents
Antikonvulsiva {pl} (pharm.) anticonvulsive drugs
Antikonvulsivum {n} (pharm.) anticonvulsive
Antikonvulsivum {n} (pharm.) anticonvulsive agent
Antikonvulsivum {n} (pharm.) anticonvulsive drug
Antikörper {m} antibody
Antilipidämika {pl} (pharm.) antilipidemics
Antilipidämika {pl} (pharm.) antilipidemic agents
Antilipidämika {pl} (pharm.) antilipidemic drugs
Antilipidämikum {n} (pharm.) antilipidemic
Antilipidämikum {n} (pharm.) antilipidemic agent
Antilipidämikum {n} (pharm.) antilipidemic drug
Antilogarithmus {m} antilogarithm
Antilope {f} antelope
antimagnetisch antiferromagnetic
Antimaterie {f} antimatter
Antimitotika {pl} (pharm.) antimitotics
Antimitotika {pl} (pharm.) antimitotic agents
Antimitotika {pl} (pharm.) antimithotic drugs
Antimitotikum {n} (pharm.) antimitotic
Antimitotikum {n} (pharm.) antimitotic agent
Antimitotikum {n} (pharm.) antimitotic drug
Antimon {n} antimony
Antimontrioxid {n} antimony trioxide
Antimykotika {pl} (pharm.) antimycotics
Antimykotika {pl} (pharm.) antimycotic agents
Antimykotika {pl} (pharm.) antimycotic drugs
Antimykotikum {n} (pharm.) antimycotic
Antimykotikum {n} (pharm.) antimycotic agent
Antimykotikum {n} (pharm.) antimycotic drug
Antineuralgika {pl} (pharm.) antineuralgetics
Antineuralgika {pl} (pharm.) antineuralgetic agents
Antineuralgika {pl} (pharm.) antineuralgetic drugs
Antineuralgikum {n} (pharm.) antineuralgetic
Antineuralgikum {n} (pharm.) antineuralgetic agent
Antineuralgikum {n} (pharm.) antineuralgetic drug
antiparallel back-to-back
Antipathie {f} antipathy
Antipathien {pl} antipathies
Antipersonenmine {f} antipersonnel mine
Antiphlogistika {pl} (pharm.) antiphlogistics
Antiphlogistika {pl} (pharm.) antiphlogistic agents
Antiphlogistika {pl} (pharm.) antiphlogistic drugs
Antiphlogistikum {n} (pharm.) antiphlogistic
Antiphlogistikum {n} (pharm.) antiphlogistic agent
Antiphlogistikum {n} (pharm.) antiphlogistic drug
antiphonisch antiphonal
antiphonisch antiphonic
antiphonische antiphonally
antipod antipode
Antipoden {pl} antipodes
antipodisch antipodal
antipodische antipodean
Antipyretika {pl} (pharm.) antipyretics
Antipyretika {pl} (pharm.) antipyretic agents
Antipyretika {pl} (pharm.) antipyretic drugs
Antipyretikum {n} (pharm.) antipyretic
Antipyretikum {n} (pharm.) antipyretic agent
Antipyretikum {n} (pharm.) antipyretic drug
Antiquar {m} antique dealer
Antiquariat {n} antiquarian bookshop
Antiquariat {n} second hand bookshop
Antiquariate {pl} second hand bookshops
antiquarisch antiquarian
antiquarisches second hand antiquars
Antiquität {f} antiquity
Antiquitäten {pl} antiques
Antiquitäten {pl} antiquities
Antiquitäten {pl} antquities
Antiquitätengeschäft {n} antique shop
Antirakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] antimissile missile [-special_topic_mil.-]
Antiraketenrakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] antimissile missile [-special_topic_mil.-]
Antirheumatika {pl} (pharm.) antirheumatics
Antirheumatika {pl} (pharm.) antirheumatic drugs
Antirheumatika {pl} (pharm.) antirheumatic agents
Antirheumatikum {n} (pharm.) antirheumatic
Antirheumatikum {n} (pharm.) antirheumatic agent
Antirheumatikum {n} (pharm.) antirheumatic drug
Antischaummittel {n} antifoam agent
Antiselektion {f} adverse selection
Antisemitismus {m} anti-Semitism
Antiseptika {pl} antiseptics
Antiseptika {pl} (pharm.) antiseptics
Antiseptika {pl} (pharm.) antiseptic agents
Antiseptika {pl} (pharm.) antiseptic substances
Antiseptikum {n} (pharm.) antiseptic
Antiseptikum {n} (pharm.) antiseptic agent
Antiseptikum {n} (pharm.) antiseptic substance
antiseptisch antiseptic
antiseptische antiseptically
Antiskabiosa {pl} (pharm.) scabiecides
Antiskabiosum {n} (pharm.) scabiecide
antisoziale Persönlichkeitsstörung {f} anti-social personality disorder
Antispasmodika {pl} (pharm.) antispasmodics
Antispasmodika {pl} (pharm.) antispasmodic agents
Antispasmodika {pl} (pharm.) antispasmodic drugs
Antispasmodikum {n} (pharm.) antispasmodic
Antispasmodikum {n} (pharm.) antispasmodic agent

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