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Anstrengung {f} endeavour
Anstrengungen {pl} efforts
Anstrich {m} coating
Anstrich {m} coat
Anströmgeschwindigkeit {f} inflow velocity
Anströmkante {f} (z.B. bei Turbinenschaufeln) leading edge
Anströmmachzahl {f} inflow mach number
Anströmrichtung {f} direction of inflow
Anströmseite {f} (Schaufel-) inflow side (blade)
Anströmung {f} inflow
Anströmung {f} incident flow
Anströmung {f} flow into blades
Anströmwinkel {m} angle of inflow
Anströmwinkel {m} angle of incidence
Ansturm {m} onrush
Anstürme {pl} onrushes
Anstürme {pl} assaults
anstürmend assailing
anständig square
anständig decent
anständig decorous
anständig decorously
anständig proper
anständig behandeln to give a square deal
anständig einen abhotten gehen to go for a real rave-up
anständigere more decent
Anständigkeit {f} reputability
anständigste most decent
Anstöße {pl} impetuses
Anstöße {pl} impulses
Anstöße {pl} impulsions
anstößig shocking
anstößig obnoxious
anstößig obnoxiously
anstößige objectionably
anstößigere more shocking
anstößiges Betragen obnoxious conduct
Anstößigkeit {f} objectionability
Anstößigkeit {f} obnoxiousness
Anstößigkeit {f} offensiveness
Anstößigkeiten {pl} objectionableness
anstößigste most shocking
ansuchen to apply for sth.
ansuchend applying for
ansässig domiciled
ansässig resident
Ansässigkeitsbescheinigung {f} Certificate of Residence / Certification of Residence
Ansätze {pl} basic approaches
Ansätze {pl} rudiments
ansäuern acidify
Antarktikscharbe {f} Antarctic shag
Antarktis {f} anarctica
Antarktis {f} antarctic
Antarktis {f} Antarctica (aq)
Antazida {pl} (pharm.) antacids
Antazida {pl} (pharm.) antacid agents
Antazida {pl} (pharm.) antacid drugs
Antazidum {n} (pharm.) antacid
Antazidum {n} (pharm.) antacid agent
Antazidum {n} (pharm.) antacid drug
Anteil an share in
Anteil an Oberschwingungen [-special_topic_tech.-] harmonic content [-special_topic_tech.-]
Anteil der geprüften Stücke average fraction inspected
Anteil der prompten Neutronen prompt neutrons
Anteil der verzögerten Neutronen delayed neutrons
Anteil der verzögerten Neutronen delayed neutron fraction
Anteil nehmen an to feel sympathy for (with)
Anteil pro Pfund poundage
Anteil {m} stake
Anteil {m} allotment
Anteil {m} quota
Anteil {m} share
Anteil {m} proportion
Anteil {m} interest
Anteil {m} part
Anteil {m} portion
Anteil {m} contingent
Anteil {m} interesting
Anteil {m} lot
Anteil {m} due
Anteil {m} concern
Anteil {m} rate
Anteil {m} (an) share
Anteil {m} (an) interest (in)
Anteile zuweisen to allocate shares
Anteile {pl} shares
Anteile {pl} dues
Anteile {pl} lots
Anteile {pl} rates
anteilig proportionately
anteilig proportionate
anteilig prorated
anteilig (Kosten) pro rata (cost, share, etc.)
anteilige Kosten {pl} prorated costs
anteilmäßig proportionate
anteilmäßig verrechnen to prorate
anteilmäßig {adv} proportionately
anteilmäßige Freizeichnung {f} [-special_topic_insur.-] pro rata condition of average [-special_topic_insur.-]
Anteilnahme {f} sympathy
Anteilschein {m} share certificate
Anteilscheine {f} share certificates
anteilsmäßig verteilt averaged
anteilsmäßig zuordnen prorate
Antenne {f} aerial
Antenne {f} antenna
Antennen {pl} antennae
Antennen {pl} antennas
antennenkabel {n} aerial wire
Antennenkabel {n} aerial cable
Antennenkabel {n} antenna cable
Antennenmast {m} aerial mast
Antennenturm {m} aerial tower (Br.)
Anthelmintika {pl} (pharm.) anthelmintics
Anthelmintika {pl} (pharm.) anthelmintic agents
Anthelmintika {pl} (pharm.) anthelmintic drugs
Anthelmintikum {n} (pharm.) anthelmintic
Anthelmintikum {n} (pharm.) anthelmintic agent
Anthelmintikum {n} (pharm.) anthelmintic drug
Anthologie {f} anthology
Anthraxbrief {m} anthrax-tainted letter
Anthraxbrief {m} anthrax letter
Anthraxsporen {pl} anthrax spores
Anthrazen {n} anthracene
anthrazit anthracite
Anthrazit {m} hard coal
Anthropologe {m} anthropologist
Anthropologie {f} anthropology
Anthropologien {pl} anthropologies
anthropologisch anthropological
anthropologische anthropologically
anthropomorph anthropomorphic
Anthropotechnik {f} human factors technology
Anthygronschraubbuchse {f} anthygron screw-in bushing
anti anti
Anti Chainsuck Anti Chainsuck
Anti-Baby-Pille {f} (ugs.) contraceptive pill
Anti-Baby-Pille {f} (ugs.) birth control pill
Anti-G-Anzug {m} G suit
Anti-Schleuder-Bremssystem (ASBS) {n} [-special_topic_automot.-] anti-skid braking system (ASBS) [-special_topic_automot.-]
Anti-Subventionsverfahren {n} anti subsidy procedure
Anti-Viren-Programm {n} anti-virus-program
Antiabsetzmittel {n} antisettling agent
Antiadrenergika {pl} (pharm.) antiadrenergics
Antiadrenergika {pl} (pharm.) antiadrenergic agents
Antiadrenergika {pl} (pharm.) antiadrenergic drugs
Antiadrenergikum {n} (pharm.) antiadrenergic
Antiadrenergikum {n} (pharm.) antiadrenergic agent
Antiadrenergikum {n} (pharm.) antiadrenergic drug
Antialkoholiker {m} teetotaler
Antialkoholiker {pl} teetotalers
Antialkoholikerinnen {pl} teetotalers
Antiallergika {pl} (pharm.) antiallergics
Antiallergika {pl} (pharm.) antiallergic agents
Antiallergika {pl} (pharm.) antiallergic drugs
Antiallergikum {n} (pharm.) antiallergic
Antiallergikum {n} (pharm.) antiallergic agent
Antiallergikum {n} (pharm.) antiallergic drug
Antiamerikanismus {m} anti-Americanism
Antiandrogen {n} (pharm.) antiandrogen
Antiandrogene {pl} (pharm.) antiandrogens
Antiarrhythmika {pl} (pharm.) antiarrhythmics
Antiarrhythmika {pl} (pharm.) antiarrhythmic agents
Antiarrhythmika {pl} (pharm.) antiarrhythmic drugs
Antiarrhythmikum {n} (pharm.) antiarrhythmic
Antiarrhythmikum {n} (pharm.) antiarrhythmic agent
Antiarrhythmikum {n} (pharm.) antiarrhythmic drug
Antiasthmatika {pl} (pharm.) antiasthmatics
Antiasthmatika {pl} (pharm.) antiasthmatic agents
Antiasthmatika {pl} (pharm.) antiasthmatic drugs
Antiasthmatikum {n} (pharm.) antiasthmatic
Antiasthmatikum {n} (pharm.) antiasthmatic agent
Antiasthmatikum {n} (pharm.) antiasthmatic drug
Antiausschwimmittel {n} antifloating agent
Antiazidotika {pl} (pharm.) antiacidotics
Antiazidotika {pl} (pharm.) antiacidotic agents
Antiazidotikum {n} (pharm.) antiacidotic
Antiazidotikum {n} (pharm.) antiacidotic agent
Antibabypille {f} (ugs.) birth control pill
Antibabypille {f} (ugs.) contraceptive pill
antibakteriell {adj.} antibacterial
Antibiotika {pl} (pharm.) antibiotics
Antibiotika {pl} (pharm.) antibiotic agents
Antibiotika {pl} (pharm.) antibiotic drugs
Antibiotikum {n} (pharm.) antibiotic
Antibiotikum {n} (pharm.) antibiotic agent
Antibiotikum {n} (pharm.) antibiotic drug
Antiblockmittel {n} antiblocking agent
Anticholinergika {pl} (pharm.) anticholinergics
Anticholinergika {pl} (pharm.) anticholinergic agents
Anticholinergika {pl} (pharm.) anticholinergic drugs
Anticholinergikum {n} (pharm.) anticholinergic
Anticholinergikum {n} (pharm.) anticholinergic agent
Anticholinergikum {n} (pharm.) anticholinergic drug
Antichristen {pl} antichrists
Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.) antidepressants
Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.) antidepressant agents
Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.) antidepressant drugs
Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.) antidepressive agents
Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.) antidepressive drugs
Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.) antidepressant

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