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German-English translations for "Heroin {n}Neutrum (das)":

smack (sl.)slang
horse (sl.)slang
shit (sl.)slang
H (sl.)slang
diesel (Am.)American English
harry (sl.)slang
hairy (sl.)slang
hazel (sl.)slang
heavy (sl.)slang
hero (sl.)slang
antifreeze (sl.)slang
Aries (sl.)slang
ballot (sl.)slang
boy (sl.)slang
downtown (sl.)slang
flake (sl.)slang
George smack (sl.)slang
jee gee (sl.)slang
isda (sl.)slang
jive doojee (sl.)slang
noise (sl.)slang
nineteen (sl.)slang
poker (sl.)slang
polvo (sl.)slang
pulborn (sl.)slang
red rocks (sl.)slang
scatt (sl.)slang
scat (sl.)slang
nurse (Am.)American English

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