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weak point Schwachstelle {f}
weak points Schwächen {pl}
weak spot Achillesferse {f}
weak up front sturmschwach (Fußball)
weak will Willensschwäche {f}
weak wills Willensschwächen {pl}
weakend schwächtest
weakened abgeschwächt
weakened geschwächt
weakened schwächte
weakened by age altersschwach
weakenen abgeschwächtes
weakening abschwächend
weakening schwächend
weakening Schwächung {f}
weakens schwächt
weaker flauere
weaker schwacher
weakest flaueste
weakest schwächste
weaklier kränklicher
weaklier schwächer
weakliest kränklichste
weakliest schwächste
weakling Schwächling {m}
weaklings Schwächlinge {pl}
weakly schwach
weakly schwächlich
weakness Faible {n}
weakness Schwäche {f}
weakness Schwachheit {f}
weakness of character Charakterschwäche {f}
weakness of memory Gedächtnisschwäche {f}
weaknesses Schwächen {pl}
weaknesses of character Charakterschwächen {pl}
weaksighted schwachsichtig
weal Schwiele {f}
weal Wohl {n}
weals Schwielen {pl}
weals Striemen {pl}
wealth Reichtum {m}
wealth Wohlstand {m}
wealth management [-special_topic_fin.-] Vermögensverwaltung {f} [-special_topic_fin.-]
wealth of ideas Gedankenreichtum {m}
wealthier reicher
wealthier vermögendere
wealthiest reichste
wealthiest vermögendste
wealthily reich
wealthiness Reichtum {m}
wealths Reichtümer {pl}
wealthy reich
wealthy wohlhabend
weaned entwöhnte
weaning entwöhnend
weans entwöhnt
weapon Waffe {f}
weapon of mass destruction (WMD) Massenvernichtungswaffe {f}
weapon-locating radar Waffenerfassungsradar {n}
weapond bewaffnet
weaponless unbewaffnet
weaponries Waffen {pl}
weaponry Waffen {pl} (wie in Flugabwehrwaffen)
weaponry Waffenschmiede {f}
weapons Kampfmittel {pl}
weapons Waffen {pl}
weapons cache Waffenversteck {n}
weapons collection Waffensammlung {f}
weapons of wholesale destruction Massenvernichtungswaffen {pl}
weapons stockpile Waffenlager {n}, Waffenarsenal {n}
weapons-grade atomwaffenfähig (Spaltmaterial)
weapons-grade waffenfähig
wear Abnutzung {f}
wear Abrieb {m}
wear Haltbarkeit {f}
wear Kleidung {f}
wear Verschleiß {m}
wear and tear Abnutzung {f}
wear and tear Verschleiß {m}
wear and tear Verschleißverhalten {n}
wear indicator Abnutzungsanzeiger {m}
wear marks Abnutzungserscheinungen {pl}
wear marks Arbeitsspuren {pl}
wear resistance Abriebfestigkeit {f}
wearability Tragbarkeit {f}
wearable tragbar
wearable tragend
wearer Träger {m} (einer Brille; von best. Kleidung, pers. Ausrüstung)
wearer of glasses Brillenträger {m}
wearied ermüdete
wearies ermüdet
wearily müde
wearily müdes
weariness Müdigkeit {f}
weariness Überdruss {m}
weariness of holding office Amtsmüdigkeit {f}
wearing abnützend
wearing aufhabend
wearing strapaziös
wearing tragend
wearing comfort Tragekomfort {m}
wearing down ermattend
wearing out abnützend
wearisome ermüdend
wearisomely ermüdend
wearisomely ermüdende
wearisomeness Müdigkeiten {pl}
wearout Abnutzung {f}
wearout Verschleiß {m}
wears trägt
wears down ermattet
wears out verschleißt
weary müde
weary of überdrüssig
weary of life lebensmüde
weary of office amtsmüde
wearying ermüdend
wearying ermüdender
weasel Wiesel {m}
weasel-words (Br.) Ausflüchte {pl}
weaseled schlich
weaseling schleichend
weasels Wiesel {pl}
weather weder
weather Wetter {n}
weather Witterung {f}
weather bead Wasserschenkel {m} (Fenster)
weather beaten verwittert
weather beaten wetterhart
weather beaten wetterharte
weather briefing Wetterberatung {f}
weather briefing Wettervortrag {m}
weather chart Wetterkarte {f}
weather charts Wetterkarten {pl}
weather checking Ozonrisse {pl}
weather conditions Wetterbedingungen {pl}
weather cracking Haarrisse {pl} (wetterbedingt)
weather deterioration Wetterverschlechterung {f}
weather divide Wetterscheide {f }
weather drip Wassernase {f}
weather forecast Wetterbericht {m}
weather forecast Wettervorhersage {f}
weather forecaster Meteorologe {m}
weather forecasts Wetterberichte {pl}
weather forecasts Wettervorhersagen {pl}
weather improvement Wetterbesserung {f}
weather observation Wetterbeobachtung {f}
weather observation room Wetterbeobachtungsraum {m}
weather observations Wetterbeobachtungen {pl}
weather outlook Wetteransage {f}
weather outlook announcer Wetteransager {m}
weather outlook announcers Wetteransager {pl}
weather prophet Wetterprophet {m}
weather prophets Wetterpropheten {pl}
weather radar Wetterradar {n}
weather reconnaissance aircraft [-special_topic_mil.-] Wettererkundungsflugzeug {n} [-special_topic_mil.-]
weather reconnaissance airplane [-special_topic_mil.-] Wettererkundungsflugzeug {n} [-special_topic_mil.-]
weather reconnaissance flight [-special_topic_mil.-] Wettererkundungsflug {m} [-special_topic_mil.-]
weather reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-] Wettererkundung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
weather report Wettermeldung {f}
weather reports Wettermeldungen {pl}
weather satellite Wettersatellit {m}
weather service Wetterdienst {m}
weather service Wetterservice {m}
weather services Wetterdienste {pl}
weather side Wetterseite {f}
weather side of wheel Wetterseite {f} des Rades
weather sides Wetterseiten {pl}
weather situation Wetterlage {f}
weather situation Wetterzustand {m}
weather station Wetterstation {f}
weather station Wetterwarte {f}
weather stations Wetterwarten {pl}
weather strip Regenleiste {f} (am Auto)
weather vane Wetterfahne {f}
weather vanes Wetterfahnen {pl}
weather-dependent wetterabhängig
weather-resistance steel witterungsbeständiger Stahl {m}
weather-resisting steel witterungsbeständiger Stahl {m}
weathercock Wetterhahn {m}
weathercocks Wetterhähne {pl}
weathered verwitterte
weathering Verwitterung {f}
weatherings Verwitterungen {pl}
weatherman Wetteransager {m}
weatherman Wetterfrosch {m}
weatherproof wetterdicht
weatherproof witterungsbeständig
weatherproofed machte wetterdicht
weatherproofing wetterdicht machend
weatherproofs macht wetterdicht
weathers verwittert
weathers Witterungen {pl}
weatherstrip Dichtungsleiste {f}
weatherstrips Dichtungsleisten {pl}
weave Fadenlauf {m}
weave Gewebe {n}
weave Webart {f}
weave Wedeln {n}
weave-in Wedeln {n}

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