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passionate eyes glutvolle Augen {pl}
passionately leidenschaftlich
passionately leidenschaftliche
passionately loved heiß geliebt (bes. leidenschaftlich)
passionateness Leidenschaftlichkeit {f}
passionless leidenschaftslos
passions Leidenschaften {pl}
passivation Abschaltung {f}
passivation Passivierung {f}
passive passiv
passive passives
passive untätig
passive clause Passivsatz {m} (ling.)
passive fault passiver Fehler
passive graphics Graphikdatenverarbeitung {f} (nur Ausgabe)
passive harrow passive Egge {f}
passive-aggressive personality disorder passiv-aggressive Persönlichkeitsstörung {f}
passively passiv
passively passiven
passiveness Passivitäten {pl}
passivity Passivität {f}
passkey Hauptschlüssel {m}
passport Pass {m}
passport Reisepass {m}
passport authorities Passbehörde {f}
passport inspection Passkontrolle {f}
passport office Passamt {n}
passport office Passbehörde {f}
passport office Passstelle {f}
passport photograph Passbild {n}
passports Pässe {pl}
password Erkennungswort {n}
password Kennwort {n}
password Parole {f}
password Passwort {n}
password protection Passwortschutz {m}
passwords Kennwörter {pl}
passwords Passwörter {pl}
past beendet
past vergangen
past Vergangenheit {f}
past vorbei an
past vorüber
past comparison unvergleichlich
past life Vorleben {n}
past master Altmeister {m}
past perfect Plusquamperfekt {n}
past perfect Vorvergangenheit {f}
pasta Nudeln {pl}
pasta Teigwaren {pl}
Pasta Filata cheese (pulled curd cheese) Filatakäse {m}
pasta filata cheese (pulled curd cheese) Pasta-filata-Käse {m}
pasta machine Nudelmaschine {f}
pasta maker Nudelmaschine {f}
pasta scoop Nudellöffel {m}
pasta squares [-special_topic_gastr.-] Maultaschen {pl} [-special_topic_gastr.-]
paste Kleister {m}
paste Strass {m}
paste Klebstoff {m} (Kleister)
paste adhesive Klebepaste {f}
paste drying Klebetrocknung {f}
paste into einkleben
paste over überklebe
paste solder Lötpaste {f}
paste-form adhesive Klebepaste {f}
paste-type adhesive Klebepaste {f}
pasteboard Pappdeckel {m}
pasteboard Pappe {f}
pasteboard Klebekarton {m}
pasted geklebt
pasted klebte
pasted into eingeklebt
pasted over überklebt
pasted up zugeklebt
pastel Pastell {n}
pastel Pastellfarben {pl}
pastel Pastellkreide {f}
pastel chalk Pastellkreide {f}
pastel pencil Pastellstift {m}
pastel shade (or colour) Pastellfarbe {f}
pastelist Pastellmaler {m}
pastern Fessel {f}
pastes Pasten {pl}
pasteurised (Br.) keimfrei gemacht
pasteurised (Br.) pasteurisiert
pasteurising (Br.) keimfrei machend
pasteurising (Br.) pasteurisierend
pasteurization Pasteurisierung {f}
pasteurized keimfrei gemacht
pasteurized pasteurisiert
pasteurized milk pasteurisierte Milch {f}
pasteurizes macht keimfrei
pasteurizing keimfrei machend
pasteurizing pasteurisierend
pastier klebriger
pasties Pasteten {pl}
pastiest klebrigste
pastillation Pastillierung {f}
pastille Pastille {f}
pastily klebrig (adv.) (kleisterartig)
pastime Zeitvertreib {m}
pastime, diversion, amusement Kurzweil {f}
pastimes Zeitvertreib {m}
pastiness kränkliches Aussehen
pasting anklebend
pasting klebend
pasting Kleistern {n}
pasting Kleben {n} (mit Kleister, pastösem Klebstoff)
pasting (sl.) Prügel {pl}
pasting (sl.) Tracht Prügel {f}
pasting into einklebend
pasting press Klebepresse {f}
pasting up zuklebend
pastor Pfarrer {m}
pastoral (letter) Hirtenbrief {m} (kirchl.)
pastoral (R.C.) [-special_topic_relig.-] Hirtenbrief {m} [-special_topic_relig.-]
pastoral advice service Telefonseelsorge {f}
Pastoral Epistles Pastoralbriefe {pl} (des Apostel Paulus)
pastoral letter Hirtenbrief {m}
pastoral letter (R.C.) [-special_topic_relig.-] Hirtenbrief {m} [-special_topic_relig.-]
pastorate Geistlichen {pl}
pastrami Rauchfleisch {n}
pastries Backware {f}
pastries Backwaren {pl}
pastries Gebäck {n}
pastries Pasteten {pl}
pastry Blätterteig {m}
pastry Gebäck {n}
pastry klebrig (kleisterartig)
pastry bag Spritzbeutel {m} (gastr.) (für Buttercreme etc.)
pastry blender Teigmischer {m}
pastry brush Kuchenpinsel {m}
pastry made with beer Bierteig {m}
pastry shop Konditorei {f}
pastry tong Gebäckzange {f}
pastry tong Konditorzange {f}
pastry tongs Gebäckzange {f}
pastry tongs Konditorzange {f}
pastry wheel Teigrad {n}
pastry wheel Teigrädchen {n}
pastry-cutting wheel Kuchenrad {n}
pastry-cutting wheel Teigrädchen {n}
pastry-cutting wheel Kuchenrädchen {n}
pastry-cutting wheel Teigrad {n}
pasturage Weiden {pl}
pasture Viehweide {f}
pasture Weide {f}
pasture Weideland {n}
pasture fence Weidezaun {m}
pasture ground Weideplatz {m}
pasture lands Weideplätze {pl}
pastured geweidet
pastureland Grasland {n}
pastureland Weideland {n}
pastures Weiden {pl}
pasturing weidend
pasty Pastete {f}
patagium [-special_topic_zool.-] Flughaut {t} [-special_topic_zool.-]
patch Aufnäher {m}
patch Flicken {m}
patch Klappe {f} (Augenklappe)
patch Korrektur {f}
patch Pflaster {n}
patch Reparatur {f}
patch of rust Roststelle {f}
patch panel Verbindungstafel {f}
patch pocket aufgesetzte Tasche {f}
patch-board Steckschalttafel {f}
patched flickte
patched flicktest
patched gepatcht
patcher Flicker {m}
patcher Flickerin {f}
patches flickt
patches Flickwerk {n}
patchier fleckiger
patchiest fleckigste
patchily fleckige
patching flickend
patching Flickerei {f}
patching Kleben {n} (Flicken, Riss etc.)
patching cement Vulkanisierlösung {f}
patching rubber Reparaturplatte {f}
patching up ausflickende
patchwork Flickarbeit {f}
patchwork Flickwerk {n}
patchy fleckig
pate Kopf {m}
patella Pfännchen {n}
patency Offenkundigkeit {f}
patent Patent {n}
patent application Patentanmeldung {f}
patent article Markenartikel {m}
patent claim Patentanspruch {m}
patent infringement Patentverletzung {f}
patent key Sicherheitsschlüssel {m}
patent leather Lackleder {n}
patent leather corset Lackleder-Korsett {n}
patent leather shoe Lackschuh {m}
patent leather shoes Lackschuhe {pl}

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