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meaningfulness Wichtigkeit {f}
meaningless bedeutungslos
meaningless inhaltslos
meaninglessly ausdruckslose
meaninglessly bedeutungslose
meaninglessness Ausdruckslosigkeit {f}
meaninglessness Bedeutungslosigkeit {f}
meanings Bedeutungen {pl}
meanly gemein
meanness Gemeinheit {f}
means bedeutet
means Mittel {n}
means of advertising [-special_topic_econ.-] Werbemittel {n} [-special_topic_econ.-]
means of coercion Zwangsmittel {n}
means of condensing Kondensationsmittel {n}
means of correction Zuchtmittel {n}
means of labour Arbeitsmittel {pl}
means of office communication Bürokommunikationsmittel {n}
means of payment Zahlungsmittel {n}
means of production Arbeitsmittel {pl}
means of subsistence Lebensunterhalt {m}
means of transportation Transportmittel {n}
means tested bedürftigkeitsorientiert
meant bedeutete
meant gemeint
meantime inzwischen
meantime Zwischenzeit {f}
meanwhile indessen
meanwhile inzwischen
meanwhile unterdessen
meanwhile währenddessen
meanwhile, in the meantime indes
measles Masern {pl}
measlier schäbiger
measliest schäbigste
measliness Schäbigkeit {f}
measly schäbig
measurability Messbarkeit {f}
measurable messbar
measurable characteristic messbares Merkmal {n}
measurable quantity messbare Menge {f}
measurable set messbare Menge {f}
measurably messbare
measurand Messgröße {f}
measure Maß {n}
measure Maßeinheit {f}
measure Maßnahme {f}
measure Maßregel {f}
measure Metrum {n}
measure Rhythmus {m} (Musik)
measure Takt {m}
measure of capacity Hohlmaß {n}
measured gemessen
measured data Messdaten {pl}
measured data Messwerte {pl}
measured displacement Messweg {m}
measured out zugemessen
measured value Messwert {m}
measured values Messwerte {pl}
measuredly gemessen
measuredness Genauigkeit {f}
measureless unermesslich
measurement Maß {n}
measurement Messen {n}
measurement Messtechnik {f}
measurement Messung {f}
measurement Messwert {m}
measurement Vermessung {f}
measurement (of quantities) Aufmaß {n}
measurement amplifier Messverstärker {m}
measurement artifact Messartefakt {n}
measurement certificate Messbrief {m}
measurement chain Messkette {f}
measurement control Messsteuerung {f}
measurement data Messdaten {pl}
measurement data acquisition Messdatenerfassung {f}
measurement data evaluation Messdatenauswertung {f}
measurement data processing Messdatenverarbeitung {f}
measurement engineering Messtechnik {f}
measurement error Messabweichung {f}
measurement error Messfehler {m}
measurement errors Messfehler {pl}
measurement inaccuracy Messunsicherheit {f}
measurement input Messeingang {m}
measurement module Messeinheit {f}
measurement of results Erfolgskontrolle {f}
measurement output Messausgang {m}
measurement process Messverfahren {n}
measurement reading Messwert {m}
measurement result Messergebnis {n}
measurement results Messergebnisse {pl}
measurement stability Messbeständigkeit {f}
measurement unit Messeinheit {f}
measurement value logging Messwerterfassung {f} (automatisch)
measurements Messungen {pl}
measures Maße {pl}
measures Maßnahmen {pl}
measures package Maßnahmenbündel {n}
measures package Maßnahmenpaket {n}
measures terminating a sojourn aufenthaltsbeendende Maßnahmen {pl} (Asylrecht)
measuring Mess...
measuring messend
measuring (effective) range Messbereich {m} (Teil des Anzeigebereiches innerhalb der Fehlergrenzen)
measuring and valve control system Messadaptersystem {n}
measuring anvil Messamboss {m}
measuring apparatus Messanordnung {f} (Messtechnik)
measuring apparatus Messapparatur {f}
measuring arrangement Messanordnung {f} (Messtechnik)
measuring arrangement Messaufbau {m}
measuring assembly Messanordnung {f}
measuring axis Messachse {f}
measuring beaker Messbecher {m}
measuring block Messleiste {f}
measuring booths Messkabinen {pl}
measuring bridge Messbrücke {f} (Prüfgerät)
measuring cabin Messkabine {f}
measuring computer Messcomputer {m}
measuring cup Messbecher {m} (klein)
measuring cylinder Mensur (Labor)
measuring cylinder Messzylinder {m} (Labor)
measuring data acquisition Messdatenerfassung {f}
measuring device Messeinrichtung {f}
measuring distance Messdistanz {f}
measuring element Messelement {n}
measuring equipment Messausrüstung {f} (ortsfest oder mobil)
measuring equipment Messeinrichtung {f}
measuring glass Messglas {n}
measuring instrument Messinstrument {n}
measuring instruments Messwerkzeuge {pl}
measuring jug Messbecher {m} (größer)
measuring machine Messmaschine {f}
measuring machines Messmaschinen {pl}
measuring microscope Messmikroskop {n}
measuring module Messeinheit {f}
measuring nozzle Messdüse {f} (Messtechnik)
measuring orifice Messblende {f} (allg.)
measuring pin Messbolzen {m}
measuring plug Messamboss {m}
measuring rim Messfelge {f}
measuring sensitivity Messempfindlichkeit {f}
measuring set-up Messanordnung {f}
measuring set-up Messaufbau {m}
measuring span Messbereich {m} (Teil des Anzeigebereiches innerhalb der Fehlergrenzen)
measuring spoon Messlöffel {m}
measuring station Messplatz {m}
measuring stations Messplätze {pl}
measuring system Messverfahren {n}
measuring tape Bandmaß {n}
measuring tape Maßband {n}
measuring tape Messband {n}
measuring time Messdauer {f}
measuring transducer Messumformer {m}
measuring unit Messeinheit {f}
measuring vessel Messbehälter {m}
measuring wire Messdraht {m} (Messtechnik)
measuring-glass carrier Messglasträger {m}
measuring-range extension Messbereichserweiterung {f}
measuring-range increase Messbereichserweiterung {f}
measurings Vermessungen {pl}
meat Fleisch {n}
meat axe Schlachtbeil {n}
meat broth Fleischbrühe {f}
meat cleaver Fleischbeil {n}
meat cut into stripes Geschnetzelte {n}
meat cut into stripes Geschnetzeltes
meat diet Fleischkost {f}
meat dish Fleischgericht {n}
meat dishes [-special_topic_gastr.-] Fleischspeisen {pl} [-special_topic_gastr.-]
meat extract Fleischextrakt {m}
meat fork Fleischgabel {f}
meat grinder Fleischwolf {m}
meat inspector Fleischbeschauer {m}
meat juice Fleischsaft {m}
meat knife Fleischmesser {n}
meat loaf Hackbraten {m}
meat loaf Leberkäse {m}
meat loaf [-special_topic_gastr.-] falscher Hase {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-]
meat pie Fleischpastete {f}
meat pies Fleischpasteten {pl}
meat poisoning Fleischvergiftung {f}
meat prices Fleischpreise {pl}
meat product Fleischware {f}
meat safe Fliegenschrank {m}
meat saw Fleischsäge {f}
meat stock Schlachtvieh {n}
meat thermometer Fleischthermometer {n}
meat wagon (Am.) (sl.) Sanitätswagen {m}
meatball Fleischkloß {m}
meatball Fleischklößchen {n}
meatballs (Fleisch-) Frikadellen {pl}
meatballs Fleischklößchen {pl}
meatgrinder Fleischwolf {m}
meatier fleischiger
meatiest fleischigste
meatless fleischlos
meatloaf Hackbraten {m}
meaty fleischig
meaty cudgel (vulg.) Fleischprügel {m} (vulg.) (erigierter Penis)
mecca (fig.) (zentraler) Anlaufpunkt
Mecca [-special_topic_geogr.-] Mekka [-special_topic_geogr.-]

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