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cyclone separator Zyklonabscheider {m}
cyclone [-special_topic_meteo.-] Sturmtief {n} [-special_topic_meteo.-]
cyclones Wirbelstürme {pl}
cyclones Zyklone {pl}
cyclonite Hexogen {n} (Sprengstoff)
cyclopean zyklopisch
cyclopedia Enzyklopädie {f}
cyclopedic universal
cyclopes Zyklopen {pl}
cyclops Zyklop {n}
cyclotron Zyklotron {n}
cyclotron oscillation [-special_topic_phys.-] Zyklotronschwingung {f} [-special_topic_phys.-]
cyclotrons Zyklotrone {pl}
cygnet junger Schwan
cyl Zylinder {m}
cylinder Gasflasche {f}
cylinder Trommel {f}
cylinder Walze {f} (zum Anpressen, Walzen)
cylinder Zylinder {m}
cylinder address Zylinderadresse {f}
cylinder bank Zylinderreihe {f}
cylinder block Zylinderblock {m}
cylinder block heater Kühlmittelvorwärmgerät {n}
cylinder bore Zylinderbohrung {f}
cylinder capacity Hubraum {m}
cylinder concept Zylinderkonzept {n}
cylinder cover Zylinderdeckel {m}
cylinder escapement Zylinderhemmung {f} (einer Uhr)
cylinder head Zylinderkopf {m}
cylinder head cover Zylinderkopfdeckel {m}
cylinder head gasket Zylinderkopfdichtung {f} (tech.)
cylinder heads Zylinderköpfe {pl}
cylinder jacket Zylindermantel {m}
cylinder liner Zylinderrohr {n}
cylinder saw Trommelsäge {f}
cylinder saw Zylindersäge {f}
cylinder vacuum cleaner Bodenstaubsauger {m}
cylinder-type juice separator Trommelentsafter {m}
cylinders Zylinder {pl}
cylindric Zylinder...
cylindric zylindrisch
cylindrical walzenförmig
cylindrical zylindrische
cylindrical base solid tyre Vollreifen {m} mit zylindrischem Fuß
cylindrical boiler Langkessel {m}
cylindrical ingot Stab {m} (Produktion von Wafern)
cylindrical milling cutter Walzenfräser {m}
cylindrical roller bearing Zylinderrollenlager {n} (tech.)
cylindrically zylindrisches
cymbal Becken {n}
cymbal [-special_topic_mus.-] Zimbel {f} [-special_topic_mus.-]
cymbalist Beckenschläger {m}
cymbalists Beckenschläger {pl}
cymbals Becken {pl}
cynic Zyniker {m}
cynic zynisch
cynical zynisch
cynical foul Notbremse {f} (fig., Fußball)
cynically zynisch
cynically zynische
cynicism Zynismus {m}
cynics Zyniker {pl}
cynism Zynismus {m}
cynophilia Hundeliebhaberei {f}
cynophilist Hundeliebhaber {m}
cynosure Anziehungspunkt {m}
cynosures Anziehungspunkte {pl}
cypher Chiffre {f}
cypress Zypresse {f}
cypresses Zypressen {pl}
Cypriot Zyprer {m}
Cypriot Zyprerin {f}
Cypriot zyprisch
Cypriote Zypriot
Cyprus (cy) Zypern
Cyril Cyrillus
Cyrillic kyrillisch
cyroscope Gefrierpunktmesser {m}
cyst Zyste {f}
cystic Blasen {pl}
cystic duct Gallenblasengang {m}
cystitis Blasenentzündung {f}
cystoscopy Zystokopie {f}
cysts Zysten {pl}
cytology Zellenlehre {f}
cytoplasmic zytoplasmatisch
cytostatic Zytostatikum {n} (pharm.)
cytostatic agent Zytostatikum {n} (pharm.)
cytostatic agents Zytostatika {pl} (pharm.)
cytostatic drugs Zytostatika {pl} (pharm.)
cytostatic drugs Zytostatikum {n} (pharm.)
cytostatics Zytostatika {pl} (pharm.)
cytotoxic zytotoxisch (biol.)
cytotoxity Zytotoxizität {f] (biol.)
czar Zar {m}
czardas Csardas {m}
czarina Zarin {f}
czars Zaren {pl}
Czech Tschechin {f}
Czech tschechisch
Czech dictionary Tschechischwörterbuch {n}
Czech girl Tschechin {f} (betont: Mädchen)
Czech lady Tschechin {f}
Czech Republic Tschechien
Czech Republic Tschechische Republik {f}
Czech woman Tschechin {f} (betont: Frau)
Czechia (cz) Tschechien
Czechoslovak tschechoslowakisch
Czechoslovak Tschechoslowake {m} (hist.)
Czechoslovakia Tschechoslowakei {f}
Czechoslovakian Tschechoslowake {m} (hist.)
Czechoslovakian (woman / girl) Tschechoslowakin {f} (hist.)

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