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antihypotonic agents Antihypotonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypotonic drug Antihypotonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypotonic drugs Antihypotonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypotonics Antihypotonika {pl} (pharm.)
antilipidemic Antilipidämikum {n} (pharm.)
antilipidemic agent Antilipidämikum {n} (pharm.)
antilipidemic agents Antilipidämika {pl} (pharm.)
antilipidemic drug Antilipidämikum {n} (pharm.)
antilipidemic drugs Antilipidämika {pl} (pharm.)
antilipidemics Antilipidämika {pl} (pharm.)
antilocking system ABS : Antiblockiersystem {n}
antilogarithm Antilogarithmus {m}
antimacassar Housse {f} (Oberschichtsgebrauch)
antimacassar Sofaschoner {m}
antimatter Antimaterie {f}
antimissile missile [-special_topic_mil.-] Antirakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
antimissile missile [-special_topic_mil.-] Antiraketenrakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
antimithotic drugs Antimitotika {pl} (pharm.)
antimitotic Antimitotikum {n} (pharm.)
antimitotic agent Antimitotikum {n} (pharm.)
antimitotic agents Antimitotika {pl} (pharm.)
antimitotic drug Antimitotikum {n} (pharm.)
antimitotics Antimitotika {pl} (pharm.)
antimony Antimon {n}
antimony trioxide Antimontrioxid {n}
antimycotic Antimykotikum {n} (pharm.)
antimycotic agent Antimykotikum {n} (pharm.)
antimycotic agents Antimykotika {pl} (pharm.)
antimycotic drug Antimykotikum {n} (pharm.)
antimycotic drugs Antimykotika {pl} (pharm.)
antimycotics Antimykotika {pl} (pharm.)
antineuralgetic Antineuralgikum {n} (pharm.)
antineuralgetic agent Antineuralgikum {n} (pharm.)
antineuralgetic agents Antineuralgika {pl} (pharm.)
antineuralgetic drug Antineuralgikum {n} (pharm.)
antineuralgetic drugs Antineuralgika {pl} (pharm.)
antineuralgetics Antineuralgika {pl} (pharm.)
antioestrogen (Br.) Antiöstrogen {n} (pharm.)
antioestrogens (Br.) Antiöstrogene {pl} (pharm.)
antipathetic abgeneigt
antipathetical abgeneigte
antipathetically abgeneigtes
antipathies Abneigungen {pl}
antipathies Antipathien {pl}
antipathy Abneigung {f}
antipathy Antipathie {f}
antipersonnel gegen Personen gerichtet
antipersonnel mine Antipersonenmine {f}
antiperspirant Deo {n}
antiperspirant Deodorant {n}
antiperspirant schweißhemmendes Mittel {n}
antiphlogistic Antiphlogistikum {n} (pharm.)
antiphlogistic agent Antiphlogistikum {n} (pharm.)
antiphlogistic agents Antiphlogistika {pl} (pharm.)
antiphlogistic drug Antiphlogistikum {n} (pharm.)
antiphlogistic drugs Antiphlogistika {pl} (pharm.)
antiphlogistics Antiphlogistika {pl} (pharm.)
antiphonal antiphonisch
antiphonally antiphonische
antiphonic antiphonisch
antiphonies Wechselgesänge {pl}
antiphony Wechselgesang {m}
antipodal antipodisch
antipode antipod
antipodean antipodische
antipodes Antipoden {pl}
antipyretic Fiebermittel {n}
antipyretic Antipyretikum {n} (pharm.)
antipyretic agent Antipyretikum {n} (pharm.)
antipyretic agents Antipyretika {pl} (pharm.)
antipyretic drug Antipyretikum {n} (pharm.)
antipyretic drugs Antipyretika {pl} (pharm.)
antipyretics Fiebermittel {pl}
antipyretics Antipyretika {pl} (pharm.)
antiquarian alt
antiquarian antiquarisch
antiquarian bookshop Antiquariat {n}
antiquarianism Liebhaberei {f}
antiquated veraltet
antiquates veraltete
antiquating veraltend
antique altertümlich
antique antik
antique dealer Antiquar {m}
antique shop Antiquitätengeschäft {n}
antiqued veraltet
antiquely antik
antiqueness alter
antiques Antiquitäten {pl}
antiquing alt werdend
antiquities Antiquitäten {pl}
antiquity Altertum {n}
antiquity Antiquität {f}
antiquity Vorzeit {f}
antirheumatic Antirheumatikum {n} (pharm.)
antirheumatic agent Antirheumatikum {n} (pharm.)
antirheumatic agents Antirheumatika {pl} (pharm.)
antirheumatic drug Antirheumatikum {n} (pharm.)
antirheumatic drugs Antirheumatika {pl} (pharm.)
antirheumatics Antirheumatika {pl} (pharm.)
antirust agent Rostschutzmittel {n}
antis Gegner {pl}
antiseptic antiseptisch
antiseptic Antiseptikum {n} (pharm.)
antiseptic agent Antiseptikum {n} (pharm.)
antiseptic agents Antiseptika {pl} (pharm.)
antiseptic substance Antiseptikum {n} (pharm.)
antiseptic substances Antiseptika {pl} (pharm.)
antiseptically antiseptische
antiseptics Antiseptika {pl}
antiseptics Antiseptika {pl} (pharm.)
antisettling agent Antiabsetzmittel {n}
antishock Stoßdämpfer {m}
antishock pad Stoßdämpfer {m}
antiskid system ABS : Antiblockiersystem {n}
antisoaking properties [-special_topic_tech.-] Quellfestigkeit {f} (gegen Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme) [-special_topic_tech.-]
antisoaking [-special_topic_tech.-] quellfest (nicht aufsaugend) [-special_topic_tech.-]
antisocial asozial
antisocial unsozial
antisocially unsoziale
antispasmodic Antispasmodikum {n} (pharm.)
antispasmodic agent Antispasmodikum {n} (pharm.)
antispasmodic agents Antispasmodika {pl} (pharm.)
antispasmodic drug Antispasmodikum {n} (pharm.)
antispasmodic drugs Antispasmodika {pl} (pharm.)
antispasmodics Antispasmodika {pl} (pharm.)
antistatic agent Antistatikum {n}
antistatic agent antistatisches Mittel {n}
antistatic tape Antistatik-Gurt {m}
antisympathotonic Antisympathotonikum {n} (pharm.)
antisympathotonic agent Antisympathotonikum {n} (pharm.)
antisympathotonic agents Antisympathotonika {pl} (pharm.)
antisympathotonic drug Antisympathotonikum {n} (pharm.)
antisympathotonic drugs Antisympathotonika {pl} (pharm.)
antisympathotonics Antisympathotonika {pl} (pharm.)
antitank Panzerabwehr {f}
antitank barrier Panzerbarriere {f}
antitank barrier Panzerschranke {f}
antitank ditch Panzergraben {m}
antitank helicopter Panzerabwehrhubschrauber {m}
antitank helicopter Panzerjagdhubschrauber {m}
antitheses Widersprüche {pl}
antithesis Antithese {f}
antithesis Gegensatz {m}
antithetic antithetisch
antithrombotic Antithrombotikum {n} (pharm.)
antithrombotic agent Antithrombotikum {n} (pharm.)
antithrombotic agents Antithrombotika {pl} (pharm.)
antithrombotic drug Antithrombotikum {n} (pharm.)
antithrombotic drugs Antithrombotika {pl} (pharm.)
antithrombotics Antithrombotika {pl} (pharm.)
antitoxin Gegengift {n}
antitrust monopolfeindlich
Antitrust Division [-special_topic_jur.-] Kartellamt {n} [-special_topic_jur.-]
antitrust law Kartellrecht {n}
antituberculotic Antituberkulotikum {n} (pharm.)
antituberculotic agent Antituberkulotikum {n} (pharm.)
antituberculotic agents Antituberkulotika {pl} (pharm.)
antituberculotic drug Antituberkulotikum {n} (pharm.)
antituberculotic drugs Antituberkulotika {pl} (pharm.)
antituberculotics Antituberkulotika {pl} (pharm.)
antitussive Antitussivum {n} (pharm.)
antitussive agent Antitussivum {n} (pharm.)
antitussive agents Antitussiva {pl} (pharm.)
antitussive drug Hustenarznei {f}
antitussive drug Hustenarzneimittel {n}
antitussive drug Antitussivum {n} (pharm.)
antitussive drugs Antitussiva {pl} (pharm.)
antitussive medicine Hustenarznei {f}
antitussive medicine Hustenmedikament {n}
antitussive medicine Hustenmedizin {f}
antitussive medicine Hustenmittel {n}
antitussive preparation Hustenpräparat {n}
antitussives Antitussiva {pl} (pharm.)
antivibration base schwingungsfreier Sockel {m} (tech.)
antler Geweih {n}
antlered geweiht
antlion Ameisenlöwe {m} (Larve der Ameisenjungfer)
antonomasia Antonomasie {f}
antonym antonym
antonym (of) Antonym {n} (zu)
antquities Antiquitäten {pl}
antra Höhlen {pl}
antrum Höhle {f}
ants Ameisen {pl}
anus After {m}
anvil Amboss {m}
anvil Mutterstück {n} (der Messschraube)
anvil Sockel {m} (Auflager zur Materialprüfung)
anvil beak Ambosshorn {n}
anvil beak Ambossrundhorn {n}
anvil primer Ambosszündhütchen {n}
anvil-block hammer Schabottehammer {m}
anxieties Ängste {pl}
anxieties Ängstlichkeiten {pl}
anxieties Beklemmungen {pl}
anxiety Angst {f}
anxiety Ängstlichkeit {f}
anxiety Beklemmung {f}
anxiety Besorgnis {f}

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