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antiarrhythmic Antiarrhythmikum {n} (pharm.)
antiarrhythmic agent Antiarrhythmikum {n} (pharm.)
antiarrhythmic agents Antiarrhythmika {pl} (pharm.)
antiarrhythmic drug Antiarrhythmikum {n} (pharm.)
antiarrhythmic drugs Antiarrhythmika {pl} (pharm.)
antiarrhythmics Antiarrhythmika {pl} (pharm.)
antiasthmatic Antiasthmatikum {n} (pharm.)
antiasthmatic agent Antiasthmatikum {n} (pharm.)
antiasthmatic agents Antiasthmatika {pl} (pharm.)
antiasthmatic drug Antiasthmatikum {n} (pharm.)
antiasthmatic drugs Antiasthmatika {pl} (pharm.)
antiasthmatics Antiasthmatika {pl} (pharm.)
antibacterial antibakteriell {adj.}
antiballistic missile [-special_topic_mil.-] Abfangrakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
antiballistic missile (ABM) [-special_topic_mil.-] Abfangrakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
antiballistic missile defence (Br.) [-special_topic_mil.-] Raketenabwehr {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
antiballistic missile defense (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-] Raketenabwehr {f} [-special_topic_mil.-]
antibiotic Antibiotikum {n} (pharm.)
antibiotic agent Antibiotikum {n} (pharm.)
antibiotic agents Antibiotika {pl} (pharm.)
antibiotic drug Antibiotikum {n} (pharm.)
antibiotic drugs Antibiotika {pl} (pharm.)
antibiotics Antibiotika {pl} (pharm.)
antiblocking agent Antiblockmittel {n}
antibodies Abwehrstoffe {pl}
antibodies Gegenkörper {pl}
antibody Abwehrstoff {m}
antibody Antikörper {m}
antibody Gegenkörper {m}
antibody Immunkörper {m}
antibusiness unternehmerfeindlich
antic Possen {pl}
anticholinergic Anticholinergikum {n} (pharm.)
anticholinergic agent Anticholinergikum {n} (pharm.)
anticholinergic agents Anticholinergika {pl} (pharm.)
anticholinergic drug Anticholinergikum {n} (pharm.)
anticholinergic drugs Anticholinergika {pl} (pharm.)
anticholinergics Anticholinergika {pl} (pharm.)
antichrists Antichristen {pl}
anticipated ahnte voraus
anticipated erwartet
anticipated vorweggenommene
anticipated average life erwartete mittlere Nutzungsdauer
anticipated bonus vorweggenommener Gewinnanteil
anticipated payment Abschlag {m}
anticipated price voraussichtlicher Preis
anticipated redemption vorzeitige Tilgung
anticipated requirement voraussichtlicher Bedarf
anticipates ahnt voraus
anticipates nimmt vorweg
anticipating vorausahnend
anticipating vorwegnehmend
anticipation Erwartung {f}
anticipation Vorausnahme {f}
anticipation Vorwegnahme {f}
anticipation of invention neuheitsschädliche Vorwegnahme einer Erfindung
anticipation rebate Vorauszahlungsrabatt {m}
anticipator buffering Vorpufferung {f}
anticipatory erwartend
anticipatory vorausschauend
anticipatory nausea [-special_topic_med.-] antizipatorisches (vorwegnehmendes) Erbrechen {n} [-special_topic_med.-]
anticipatory reference Patentvorwegnahme {f}
anticlerical kirchenfeindlich
anticlimactic antiklimaktisch
anticlimactically antiklimaktische
anticlimax Antiklimax {f}
anticlimax Gegensatz {m}
anticlimaxes Gegensätze {pl}
anticoagulant Antikoagulans {n} (pharm.)
anticoagulants Antikoagulantia {pl} (pharm.)
anticoagulants Antikoagulanzien {pl} (pharm.)
anticoincidence Antivalenz {f}
anticoincidence exklusives ODER
anticoincidence Kontravalenz {m}
anticompetitive wettbewerbsbeschränkend
anticompetitive behavior wettbewerbsfeindliches Verhalten
anticompetitive behaviour (Br.) wettbewerbsfeindliches Verhalten
anticompetitive combination wettbewerbsschädlicher Zusammenschluss
anticompetitive practice wettbewerbswidriges Verhalten
anticompetitive violation Wettbewerbsverstoß {m}
anticonvulsive Antikonvulsivum {n} (pharm.)
anticonvulsive agent Antikonvulsivum {n} (pharm.)
anticonvulsive agents Antikonvulsiva {pl} (pharm.)
anticonvulsive drug Antikonvulsivum {n} (pharm.)
anticonvulsive drugs Antikonvulsiva {pl} (pharm.)
anticonvulsives Antikonvulsiva {pl} (pharm.)
antics Possen {pl}
antics, buffoonery Affenkomödie {f}
anticyclic antizyklisch
anticyclical pattern gegenläufiger Zyklus
anticyclical policy antizyklische Politik
antidazzle goggles Blendschutzbrille {f}
antidepressant Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.)
antidepressant agent Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.)
antidepressant agents Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.)
antidepressant drug Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.)
antidepressant drugs Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.)
antidepressants Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.)
antidepressive agent Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.)
antidepressive agents Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.)
antidepressive drug Antidepressivum {n} (pharm.)
antidepressive drugs Antidepressiva {pl} (pharm.)
antiderivative unbestimmtes Integral
antidiabetic Antidiabetikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiabetic agent Antidiabetikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiabetic agents Antidiabetika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiabetic drug Antidiabetikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiabetic drugs Antidiabetika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiabetics Antidiabetika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiarrhoeal Antidiarrhoikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiarrhoeal agent Antidiarrhoikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiarrhoeal agents Antidiarrhoika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiarrhoeal drug Antidiarrhoikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiarrhoeal drugs Antidiarrhoika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiarrhoeals Antidiarrhoika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiuretic Antidiuretikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiuretic agent Antidiuretikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiuretic agents Antidiuretika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiuretic drug Antidiuretikum {n} (pharm.)
antidiuretic drugs Antidiuretika {pl} (pharm.)
antidiuretics Antidiuretika {pl} (pharm.)
antidotal als Gegengift dienend
antidote Gegengift {n}
antidote Gegenmittel {n}
antidumping Dumpingverbotsgesetz {n}
antielectrostatic agent Antistatikum {n}
antiemetic Antiemetikum {n} (pharm.)
antiemetic agent Antiemetikum {n} (pharm.)
antiemetic agents Antiemetika {pl} (pharm.)
antiemetic drug Antiemetikum {n} (pharm.)
antiemetic drugs Antiemetika {pl} (pharm.)
antiemetics Antiemetika {pl} (pharm.)
antiepileptic Antiepileptikum {n} (pharm.)
antiepileptic agent Antiepileptikum {n} (pharm.)
antiepileptic agents Antiepileptika {pl} (pharm.)
antiepileptic drug Antiepileptikum {n} (pharm.)
antiepileptic drugs Antiepileptika {pl} (pharm.)
antiepileptics Antiepileptika {pl} (pharm.)
antiestrogen (Am.) Antiöstrogen {n} (pharm.)
antiestrogens (Am.) Antiöstrogene {pl} (pharm.)
antiferromagnetic antimagnetisch
antifibrinolytic Antifibrinolytikum {n} (pharm.)
antifibrinolytic agent Antifibrinolytikum {n} (pharm.)
antifibrinolytic agents Antifibrinolytika {pl} (pharm.)
antifibrinolytic drug Antifibrinolytikum {n} (pharm.)
antifibrinolytic drugs Antifibrinolytika {pl} (pharm.)
antifibrinolytics Antifibrinolytika {pl} (pharm.)
antifloating agent Antiausschwimmittel {n}
antifoam agent Antischaummittel {n}
antifouling anwuchsverhindernd
antifreeze Kälteschutzmittel {n}
antifreeze (sl.) Heroin {n}
antifreeze admixture Frostschutzmittel {n}
antifriction alloy Legerlegierung {f} (tech.)
antifriction bearing Wälzlager {n} (tech.)
antifriction metal Lagermetall {n} (tech.)
antigen Abwehrstoff {m}
antiglare goggles Blendschutzbrille {f}
Antigua and Barbuda (ag) Antigua und Barbuda
antihero Antiheld {m}
antihistamine Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.)
antihistamines Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.)
antihistaminic Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.)
antihistaminic agent Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.)
antihistaminic agents Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.)
antihistaminic drug Antihistaminikum {n} (pharm.)
antihistaminic drugs Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.)
antihistaminics Antihistaminika {pl} (pharm.)
antihyperkinetic Antihyperkinetikum {n} (pharm.)
antihyperkinetic agent Antihyperkinetikum {n} (pharm.)
antihyperkinetic agents Antihyperkinetika {pl} (pharm.)
antihyperkinetic drug Antihyperkinetikum {n} (pharm.)
antihyperkinetic drugs Antihyperkinetika {pl} (pharm.)
antihyperkinetics Antihyperkinetika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertensive Antihypertensivum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertensive Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertensive agent Antihypertensivum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertensive agent Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertensive agents Antihypertensiva {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertensive agents Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertensive drug Antihypertensivum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertensive drug Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertensive drugs Antihypertensiva {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertensive drugs Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertensives Antihypertensiva {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertensives Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertonic (rare) Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertonic agent (rare) Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertonic agents (rare) Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertonic drug (rare) Antihypertonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypertonic drugs (rare) Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypertonics (rare) Antihypertonika {pl} (pharm.)
antihypotensive Antihypotensivum {n} (pharm.)
antihypotensive agent Antihypotensivum {n} (pharm.)
antihypotensive agents Antihypotensiva {pl} (pharm.)
antihypotensive drug Antihypotensivum {n} (pharm.)
antihypotensive drugs Antihypotensiva {pl} (pharm.)
antihypotensives Antihypotensiva {pl} (pharm.)
antihypotonic Antihypotonikum {n} (pharm.)
antihypotonic agent Antihypotonikum {n} (pharm.)

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