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adventuresomely abenteuerlustig
adventuress Abenteurerin {f}
adventurous abenteuerlich
adventurous abenteuerlustig
adventurous life Abenteuerleben {n}
adventurously abenteuerlich
adventurously abenteuerliche
adventurousness Abenteuerlichkeit {f}
adventurousness Kühnheit {f}
adverb Adverb {n}
adverb Umstandswort {n}
adverb Umstandswort {n} (ling.)
adverb Umstandswort {n} (ling.)
adverb of manner Umstandswort {n} der Art und Weise (ling.)
adverb of manner Modalabverb {n} (ling.)
adverb of time Zeitadverb {n} (ling.)
adverbial adverbial
adverbial clause Adverbialsatz {m} (ling.)
adverbial clause of time Temporalsatz {m} (ling.)
adverbial modification adverbiale Bestimmung {f} (ling.)
adverbial modifier adverbiale Bestimmung {f} (ling.)
adverbs Adverben {pl}
adverbs Adverbien {pl} (ling)
adverbs of manner Modalabverbien {pl} (ling.)
adverbs of time Zeitadverbien {pl} (ling.)
adversarial feindlich
adversaries Gegner {pl}
adversary Gegner {m}
adversary Widerpart {m}
adversary proceedings streitiges Verfahren
adverse feindlich
adverse widrig
adverse balance Passivsaldo {n}
adverse balance Unterbilanz {f}
adverse health effects gesundheitsschädigende Wirkungen
adverse procession Ersitzung {f}
adverse selection Antiselektion {f}
adverse selection Gegenauslese {f}
adverse trade balance passive Handelsbilanz
adverse variance negative Abweichung {f}
adverse weather lamp Nebelscheinwerfer {m}
adversely feindlich
adversely widrige
adverseness Widrigkeit {f}
adversities Missgeschicke {pl}
adversity Missgeschick {n}
advert Zeitungsanzeige {f}
adverted wies hin
advertence Hinweisen {n}
advertencies Hinweisungen {pl}
advertency Hinweisung {f}
advertent hinweisend
advertently hinweisende
advertise for durch Inserat suchen
advertise for bids ausschreiben
advertised angekündigt
advertised angezeigt
advertised annoncierte
advertised inseriert
advertised inserierte
advertised bidding öffentliche Ausschreibung {f}
advertised price angekündigter Bezugspreis
advertised route angegebene Strecke {f}
advertised special Werbesonderangebot {n}
advertisement Ankündigung {f}
advertisement Anzeige {f}
advertisement Propaganda {f}
advertisement Reklame {f}
advertisement (ad) Anzeige {f}
advertisement (ad) Zeitungsinserat {n}
advertisement analysis Werbemittelanalyse {f}
advertisement canvasser Anzeigenakquisiteur {m}
advertisement column Anzeigenspalte {f}
advertisement order Anzeigenauftrag {m}
advertisement positioning Anzeigenplatzierungen {pl}
advertisement rating Wirksamkeitskontrolle {f} bei Anzeigen
advertisement representative Annoncenexpedition {f}
advertisement section Anzeigenteil {m} (einer Zeitung)
advertisements Ankündigungen {pl}
advertisements Anzeigenteil {m} (einer Zeitung)
advertisements Inserate {pl}
advertisements Werbebotschaften {pl}
advertiser Anzeigenkunde {m}
advertiser Inserent {m}
advertiser Werber {m}
advertiser Werbungbetreibende {m,f}
advertises annonciert
advertises inseriert
advertises kündigt an
advertising ankündigend
advertising Annoncen {pl}
advertising annoncierend
advertising Reklame {f}
advertising Werbung {f}
advertising account Inserentenetat {n}
advertising account Werbeetat {m}
advertising agencies Anzeigenbüros {pl}
advertising agency Anzeigenbüro {n}
advertising agency Werbeagentur {f}
advertising agency Werbungsmittler {m}
advertising allowance Werbungsnachlass {m}
advertising analysis Werbeanalyse {f}
advertising art Gebrauchsgrafik {f}
advertising art Werbegraphik {f}
advertising audience Werbepublikum {n}
advertising base price Anzeigengrundpreis {m}
advertising brochure Werbeschrift {f}
advertising budget Werbebudget {n}
advertising budget Werbeetat {n}
advertising bureau Anzeigenannahmebüro {n}
advertising campaign Werbefeldzug {m}
advertising campaign Werbekampagne {f}
advertising canvasser Werbeakquisiteur {m}
advertising circular Werberundschreiben {n}
advertising column Litfaßsäule {f}
advertising composition Anzeigensatz {m}
advertising consultant Werbeberater {m}
advertising contract Anzeigenvertrag {m}
advertising copy Anzeigentext {m}
advertising costs Werbekosten {pl}
advertising costs Werbungskosten {pl}
advertising customer Anzeigenkunde {m}
advertising customer Anzeigenkunde, Anzeigenkundin {m,f}
advertising customer Anzeigenkundin {f}
advertising customers Anzeigenkunden {pl}
advertising department Anzeigenabteilung {f}
advertising department Werbeabteilung {f}
advertising editor Anzeigenredakteur {m}
advertising effect Werbewirkung {f}
advertising effectiveness Werbeerfolg {m}
advertising effort Werbemaßnahmen {pl}
advertising expense Werbeaufwand {m}
advertising expense Werbeaufwendung {f}
advertising expense Werbekosten {pl}
advertising expert Werbefachfrau {f}
advertising expert Werbefachmann {m}
advertising film Werbefilm {m}
advertising gift Werbegeschenk {n}
advertising industry Werbebranche {f}
advertising industry Werbewirtschaft {f}
advertising insert Anzeigenbeilage {f}
advertising journal Anzeigenblatt {n}
advertising letter. sales letter Werbebrief {m}
advertising mail Werbesendungen {pl}
advertising man Werbefachmann {m}
advertising management Anzeigenleitung {f}
advertising manager Werbeleiter {m}
advertising material Werbematerial {n}
advertising matter Werbedrucksache {f}
advertising medium Werbemittel {n}
advertising medium Werbeträger {m}
advertising message Werbebotschaft {f}
advertising newsroom Anzeigenredaktion {f}
advertising office Anzeigenannahme {f}
advertising office Anzeigenannahme {f} (Stelle)
advertising order Anzeigenauftrag {m}
advertising paper Anzeigenblatt {n}
advertising pillar Anschlagsäule {f}
advertising pillar Litfaßsäule {f}
advertising planning Werbeplanung {f}
advertising price Angebotspreis {m}
advertising price Einführungspreis {m}
advertising price Werbepreis {m}
advertising psychology Werbepsychologie {f}
advertising rate Anzeigenkosten {pl}
advertising rate Anzeigentarif {m}
advertising rate Werbetarif {m}
advertising rate list Anzeigenpreisliste {f}
advertising rate list Werbetarifliste {f}
advertising rates Anzeigenpreise {pl}
advertising representative Anzeigenagentur {f}
advertising representative Anzeigenvertreter {m}
advertising research Werbeforschung {f}
advertising return Werberendite {f}
advertising revenue Werbeeinnahmen {pl}
advertising sales agency Anzeigenakquisiteur {m}
advertising sales agency Anzeigenvertreter {m}
advertising salesman Anzeigenvertreter {m}
advertising salesman Werbevertreter {m}
advertising sample Werbemuster {n}
advertising slang Werbeslang {m}
advertising slogan Werbeslogan {m}
advertising slogan Werbespruch {m}
advertising space Anzeigenraum {m}
advertising space Reklamefläche {f}
advertising space Werbefläche {f}
advertising space buyer Anzeigenexpedition {f}
advertising space buyer Inserent {m}
advertising specialist Werbefachfrau {f}
advertising specialist Werbefachmann {m}
advertising specialist Werbespezialist {m}
advertising specialty Werbegeschenk {n}
advertising spot Werbespot {m}
advertising stunt Werbegag {m}
advertising supplement Werbebeilage {f}
adverts weist hin
advice Aviso {n}
advice Beratung {f}
advice Empfehlung {f}
advice Hinweisgabe {f}

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