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additional capital allowance Sonderabschreibung {f}
additional cargo Beiladung {f}
additional carriage Frachtzuschlag {m}
additional character Sonderzeichen {n}
additional character Zusatzzeichen {n}
additional charge Mehrpreis {m}
additional charge Nachbelastung {f}
additional charge Nachforderung {f}
additional charge Nachgebühr {f}
additional charge order Nachbelastungsauftrag {m}
additional charge order Nachgebührauftrag {m}
additional claim Nebenanspruch {m}
additional clause Zusatzklausel {f}
additional cost Mehraufwand {m}
additional cost Zusatzkosten {pl}
additional costs Mehrkosten {pl}
additional cover Nachschusszahlung {f}
additional delivery Nachlieferung {f}
additional delivery costs Bezugsnebenkosten {pl}
additional demand Nachforderung {f}
additional depreciation zusätzliche Abschreibung
additional device Zusatzeinrichtung {f}
additional expenditure Mehrausgabe {f}
additional expenses Nebenkosten {pl}
additional fee Aufgeld {n}
additional freight Frachtzuschlag {m}
additional hardware Hardwarezusätze {pl}
additional help zusätzliche Hilfe
additional information Zusatzinformation {f}
additional information Zusatzzeichen {n}
additional instruction Zusatzbefehl {m}
additional insurance Zusatzversicherung {f}
additional insured Mitversicherte {m,f}
additional invention Zusatzerfindung {f}
additional markon zusätzlicher Aufschlag
additional memory Speichererweiterung {f}
additional name Zusatzname {m}
additional occupation Nebenbeschäftigung {f}
additional option Zusatzfunktion {f}
additional options key Zusatzfunktionstasten {pl}
additional paid in capital Eigenkapitalzuwachs {m} aus sonstigen Quellen
additional patent Zusatzpatent {n}
additional payment Nachzahlung {f}
additional payment Zuzahlung {f}
additional pays Gehaltszulagen {pl}
additional policy Nachtragspolice {f}
additional posting Zusatzkontierung {f}
additional premium Prämienzuschlag {m}
additional price Mehrpreis {m}
additional purchase Zukauf {m}
additional purchases Zukauf {m} (mehrere Käufe)
additional question Zusatzfrage {f}
additional quota Zusatzkontingent {n}
additional receipts Mehreinnahme {f}
additional record Zusatzdatensatz {m}
additional respite Nachfrist {f}
additional retarding braking system [-special_topic_tech.-] Dauerbremsanlage {f} [-special_topic_tech.-]
additional sail Beisegel {n}
additional say Gehaltszulage {f}
additional search Zusatzsuche {f}
additional segment Zusatzsegment {n}
additional selection Nachselektion {f}
additional stock Nebenbestand {m}
additional tax Steueraufschlag {m}
additional tax Zusatzsteuer {f}
additional text Zusatztext {m}
additional text entry Zusatztexteingabe {f}
additional text mask Zusatztextmaske {f}
additional time Verteilzeit {f}
additional title Zusatztitel {m}
additional total Zusatzsumme {f}
additional weight Waffenbeschwerung {f} (Sportschießen)
additionally des weiteren
additionally zusätzlich
additionally zusätzliches
additions Additionen {pl}
additions Beifügungen {pl}
additions Ergänzungen {pl}
additions to the description Beigaben {pl}
additive Betonzusatz {m}
additive Zusatz {m}
additive zusätzlich
additive zusätzliche
additive Zusatzmittel {n}
additive Zusatzstoff {m}
additive process Additivverfahren {n}
additively zusätzliche
additives Zusätze {pl}
additives Zusatzstoffe {pl}
addled verdarb
addles verdirbt
addling verderbend
address Adr. : Adresse
address Adresse {f}
address Anrede {f}
address Anschrift {m}
address Ansprache {f}
address Gewandtheit {f}
address Rede {f}
address adder Adressschalter {m}
address arithmetic Adressrechnen {n}
address array Adressfeld {n}
address assignment Adressenzuweisung {f}
address assignment Adresszuordnung {f}
address bit Adressbit {n}
address blank Adressenleerstelle {f}
address book Adressbuch {n}
address book Adressbüchlein {n}
address boundary Adressgrenze {f}
address bus Adressbus {m}
address bus Adresspfad {m}
address calculation Adressrechnung {f}
address call Adressaufruf {m}
address capacity Adressenkapazität {f}
address card Adressenkarte {f}
address chaining Adressverkettung {f}
address code Adressschlüssel {m}
address code Anredeschlüssel {m}
address code format Adresscodeformat {n}
address code format Adressformat {n}
address commission Ladeprovision {f}
address computation Adressrechnung {f}
address constant Adresskonstante {f}
address conversion Adressenumsetzung {f}
address conversion Adressenumwandlung {f}
address counter Adresszähler {m}
address data Adressdaten {pl}
address data processing Adressdatenverarbeitung {f}
address decode logic Adressdekodierung {f}
address decoding Adressentschlüsselung {f}
address definition Adressendefinition {f}
address division Adressteilung {f}
address enable Adressanhängung {f}
address enable Adressenfreigabe {f}
address error Adressfehler {f}
address field Adressenfeld {n}
address field Adressfeld {n}
address field Anschriftsfeld {n}
address file Adressdatei {f}
address file Adressenkartei {f}
address for account Rechnungsanschrift {f}
address for dispatch Versandadresse {f}
address for service Zustellungsadresse {f}
address format Adressformat {n}
address format Befehlstyp {m}
address generation Adressbildung {f}
address generation Adressenerzeugung {f}
address header Adresskennsatz {m}
address header Adresskopf {m}
address highway Adresspfad {m}
address hold time Adressenbelegungszeit {f}
address identification Adresskennzeichen {n}
address identification Anschriftenkennzeichen {n}
address increment Adresserhöhung {f}
address index Adressindex {m}
address input Adresseneingabe {f}
address instruction adressenloser Befehl
address interleaving Adressenverzahnung {f}
address label Adressenaufkleber {m}
address latch Adresseneingangsregister {n}
address latch enable Adressverriegelung {f}
address length Adresslänge {f}
address level Adresspegel {m}
address line Adressleitung {f}
address list Adressliste {f}
address location Adressenplatz {m}
address mark Adressmarkierung {f}
address marker Adressmarke {f}
address mode Adressiermethode {f}
address modification Adressenänderung {f}
address modification Adressenmodifikation {f}
address nesting Adressverschachtelung {f}
address number Adressatennummer {f}
address number Adressennummer {f}
address owerflow Adressüberschreitung {f}
address part Adressenteil {m}
address part Adressteil {m}
address part Anschriftsteil {m}
address pattern Adressstruktur {f}
address pin Adressenanschluss {m}
address pointer Adresszeiger {m}
address printing Adressenschreibung {f}
address range Adressbereich {m}
address record Adresssatz {m}
address register Adressbuch {n}
address register Adressregister {n}
address section Adressteil des Befehls {m}
address selecting system Adressenansteuerungsystem {n}
address selection Adressauswahl {f}
address selection Adressenansteuerung {f}
address selection unit Adressenauswahleinrichtung {f}
address sequence Adressfolge {f}
address space Adressbereich {m}
address space Adressraum {m}
address storage Adressspeicher {m}
address strobe input Adressimpulseingang {m}
address structure Adressaufbau {m}
address substitution Adressersetzung bei Adressmodifikation {f}
address system Adressensystem {n}
address table Adressbuch {n}

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