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awry krumm
awry (adv.) überkreuz
axe Axt {f}
axe Beil {n}
axe blade Beilklinge {f}
axe handle Axtstiel {m}
axe shaft (Br.) Axtstiel {m}
axed beseitigte
axel [-special_topic_sport-] Axel {m} [-special_topic_sport-]
axenic keimfrei (axenisch)
axes Achsen {pl}
axes Äxte {pl}
axes Beile {pl}
axial Achsen...
axial axial
axial ball bearing Axialkugellager {n} (tech.)
axial bearing Axiallager {n} (tech.)
axial bearing Axial-Drucklager {n} (tech.)
axial bearing Längslager {n} (tech.)
axial bearing Axialdrucklager {n} (tech.)
axial compressor Axialverdichter {m}
axial elasto-kinematics Achs-Elastokinematik {f}
axial fan Axialgebläse {n}
axial flow pull-type combine Axialfluss-Anhängemähdrescher {m}
axial forces [-special_topic_tech.-] Axialkräfte {pl} [-special_topic_tech.-]
axial piston pump Axialkolbenpumpe {f}
axial play Axialspiel {n}
axial pump Axialpumpe {f}
axial ratio Achsenverhältnis {n}
axial thrusts [-special_topic_tech.-] Axialschübe {pl} [-special_topic_tech.-]
axial-flow propeller pump axiale Kreiselpumpe {f}
axial-flow propeller pump axiale Propellerpumpe {f}
axial-flow propeller pump Axialkreiselpumpe {f}
axial-flow pump Axialpumpe {f}
axial-flow pump Propellerpumpe {f}
axial-flow pump Schraubenpumpe {f}
axially loaded shaft bearing axial belastetes Wellenlager {n} (tech.)
axially loaded shaft bearing Drucklager {n} einer Welle (tech.)
axially offset Desachsierung {f}
axilla Achselhöhle {f}
axillary Achselhöhle {f}
axillary artery (arteria axillaris) Achselschlagader {f}
axillary gland (anat.) Achsellymphknoten {m}
axing beseitigend
axiom Grundsatz von allgemeiner Geltung
axiom of countability [-special_topic_math.-] Abzählbarkeitsaxiom {n} [-special_topic_math.-]
axiom [-special_topic_math.-] Axiom {n} [-special_topic_math.-]
axiomatics Axiomatik {f}
axioms Axiome {pl}
axis Achse {f}
axis of abscissas Abszisse {f}
axis of abscissas x-Achse {f}
axis of evil Achse des Bösen
axis of heart Herzachse {f}
axis of ordinates Ordinate {f}
axis of ordinates y-Achse {f}
axis of piston pin Kolbenbolzenachse {f}
axis of symmetry Symmetrieachse {f}
axis of the earth Erdachse {f}
axis ratio Achsübersetzung {f}
axle Achse {f}
axle Radachse {f}
axle Welle {f}
axle alignment Achsvermessung {f}
axle assembly Achsaggregat {n}
axle bearing Achslager {n} (tech.)
axle bearing Tatzlager {n} (tech.)
axle bearing clearance Achslagerspiel {n} (tech.)
axle bearing with jeweller's point Spitzachslagerung {f} (tech.)
axle box Achslager {n} (tech.)
axle drive Achsgetriebe {n}
axle geometry Achsgeometrie {f}
axle load Achslast {f}
axle stand (Br.) Abstützbock {m}
axle stand (Br.) Dreibock {m}
axle stand (Br.) Stützbock {m} (für Fahrzeug)
axle stand (Br.) Unterstellbock {m}
axle weight Achslast {f}
axle-bearing collar Notlaufschenkel {m} (tech.)
axle-pivot Achsschenkel {m}
aye gewiss
aye Ja-Stimme {f}
AYOR : at your own risk auf eigene Gefahr
ayrie (spv.) Horst {m}
AZ : Arizona (Grand Canyon State) - Phoenix US-Bundesstaat
azalea Azalee (Rhododendron spp.)
Azerbaijan (az) Aserbaidschan
Azerbaijani Aserbaidschaner {m}
Azerbaijani aserbeidschanisch
Azerbaijani Aserbeidschanisch {n}
Azerbaijani (woman / girl) Aserbaidschanerin {f}
Azeri Aserbaidschanerin {f}
Azeri Aserbaidschaner {m}
azimuth Abweichung {f}
azimuth Azimut {m}
azimuthal scheitelwinklig
azimuthally scheitelwinklige
azimuths Abweichungen {pl}
azimuths Azimute {pl}
Azoic [-special_topic_geol.-] Azoikum {n} [-special_topic_geol.-]
azote Stickstoff {m}
azotic stickstoffhaltig
Aztec Azteke {m}
azure himmelblau
azure damselfly Hufeisen-Azurjungfer {f} (Libellenart)
azure tit (Cyanistes cyanus) Lasurmeise {f}

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